Noom Reviews And Noom Monthly Diet Plan Cost 2020

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Noom Reviews And diet planNoom describes itself as a program to help the people live a healthier life by helping you create better habits. Noom the app is designed to be your personal weight loss coach. Noom says its users have an average weight loss of 20 pounds in 15 weeks, a healthy weight loss rate that suggested that it could have more substance than the average diet app.

It also referred to by many as Weight Watchers For Millennials a pretty big statement considering Weigh Watchers huge following and solid. The science-based design I was excited to check Noom out. Yet highly doubtful that an app could really be effective.

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People’s Reviews About Noom (Noom Reviews)

According to the Better Business Bureau, Noom reflects a 1.5 out of 5-star rating out of 80 customer reviews while their platform has accrued 300 complaints over the past few years. Among the chief complaint would be billing and collection issues which we imagine have to do with consumers being illicitly charged after already canceling their free trial membership.Noom Reviews and weight loss plans

Noom reflects pretty god community feedback at TrustPilot reflecting a 4 out of 5-star rating out 2500 reviews.

“The regular doses of bite-size information as really helpful. It’s helping to make the info stick”

Whereas past Noom user reviews shared at HighYa depict a different story by reflecting a 2 out of 5-star rating out of 113 consumer reviews.

“They will lure you into a 14-day trial and then charge you a non-refundable $129 for four months even if you didn’t use the app past two days.
If you want to cancel during the 14-day trial, they don’t have any easy option except getting in touch with support.”
“I was going to sign up for trial. I wasn’t even sure it went through. One morning I awake to a $129 charge on my credit card. I never used Noon, and I downloaded the app to cancel only…When asked for a refund, I was refused. You have to cancel before the trial ends. I didn’t know it began! I am out $129 for nothing right before the holidays.”

Did Noon Help Us To Lose Weight?

We believe that you truly stick to the Nom diet plans tailored by Noom and employ better lifestyle habits that can help everyone to lose weight while using and follow the Noom Diet Plans.

If You Did Not Know How Much Does Noom Cost?

If you are a new member of Noom you should know that is all new Noom members get a free 14-day trial. However, you all need to chose one of the following options during signup.

What Is your Noom Reviews

Now I am showing the Noom Cost.

Monthly: $59/mo

2-Month Plan: $49.50/mo

4-Month Plan: $32.25/mo

Once your trial has ended you will immediately roll to your chosen plan and pay the associated fee which will automatically renew until you cancel. During checkout, we also had the ability to add a customized workout plan ($49), meal plan ($79), or both for $79.

If you choose any of these options, your card will be billed immediately, while you’ll still have 14 days before being charged for the program itself. Noom’s FAQ emphasizes that after the free trial ends, any related charges are non-refundable.

If you cancel mid-term, you will still have access to the app—including your Goal Specialist, group, and course—until the end of the billing cycle. Customer service can be reached at (800) 910-7375, [email protected], or via their site’s contact form.

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